When We Buy

Every day of the week until 4 p.m. Just come on in, no appointment needed!

We take a look while you look around our shop, typically less than 15 minutes depending. 

How We Buy

Our buyers take a look and choose the things we feel out customers will like and make an offer in store credit or cash, you choice.  

What we Buy

Our customers are looking for better brands like Peek, Crew Cuts, Gap, Boden and more, toys that don't need batteries and clean gear.

They want clothes without stains, or excessive wear.

We also buy gear, but please call ahead to make sure we have room. Favorites include Exersaucers, Jumperoos, Mamaroos and Pak n Plays. 

We are primarily looking for smaller toys that don't need batteries. Wood toys are a favorite.

Check for Recalls

We check for recalls but we encourage you to check before you bring your items in. Typically the manufacturer will send you a fix or a refund for a recalled product. 

Most Wanted Now:  April/May

Looking for Summer and Spring items now.  

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