How to Sell

  • Come in before 4 pm.
  • Limit clothing items to two paper shopping bags. No limit on other items. 
  • We will go through your items while you wait
  • You’ll receive an offer for store credit or cash
  • Items that we pass on will need to go home with you (currently no donation services)


    What we are buying now

    We are currently buying all seasons of children's items. Looking for casual, recent maternity clothing.  

    ITEMS MUST BE FRESHLY WASHED We wish to continue to offer on-the-spot offers but we need your help.  If we determine things are not freshly cleaned we can not look through the items. 

    Please understand at this time, due to Covid-19 our customer traffic has slowed significantly.  Our buying will reflect this new reality.  As we see increased sales we will continue to buy more. Thanks for your patience and understanding.